The history of Tokyo International Chiropractic


How did Tokyo international Chiropractic come about ?

Like many things, completely but accident.

In 2018 my Japanese wife and I sold everything we owned and moved from Australia to Japan to try something exciting and create a new life in Japan after being in private Chiropractic practise for nearly 15 years in the hinternaland just behind Byron Bay. We had already visited Hokkaido several times with my wife’s family being from Sapporro and decided Niseko was an obvious choice.

We were lucky enough to be able to purchase some land there before the interest in Hokkaido real estate and built our first house in Niseko in 2020 looking up to the magic dormant volcano of Mount Yotei.

Working and living in Niseko was a life changing experience and it was a blessing to be able to meet people from all over the world keen to experience their own winter wonderland. Certainly living in Japan has had it’s challenges. I really miss my good Cheese, Aussie wines and my family ( probably in that order ) and underestimated the little things, like not being able to read anything but all the whole living in Japan has really opened so many exciting doors and cultural experiences that I would not swap it for the world.

In 2019 Niseko Chiropractic was established that provided Chiropractic consultations to injured skiers, snowboarders and tourists to Niseko.

Sadly this all came crashing down in 2020 when covid closed Japan’s international borders. Fortunately work was found remotely on the Island of Okinawa assisting SOFA personal based near Kadena and Camp foster. In a moment of panic in July 2022 it seemed like Japan’s borders where never going to open up so another remote operation in the heart of Tokyo commenced.

The start of our Tokyo operation

The Tokyo college of Chiropractic where kind enough to allow us some consulting space in their teaching clinic which over the last few months has allowed us to build a clientele large enough to justify a new premises. Again in another stroke of good luck Sato-san from Physic Chiropractic allowed us some space to consult from in Ebisu just walking distance from Shibuya station.

Working in Tokyo has been a really exciting and eye opening experience after growing up in the quite suburbs of Sydney Australia and living most of my life in the countryside. It’s amazing to see the scale of nightlife and options available for everything interest, even it it means not always making the healthiest of choices !

With your support we aim grow this business, hire some more internationally qualified experienced Chiropractors and provide an english speaking Chiropractic service full time in the crazy city of Tokyo.

Our style is more of a modern multi-modal approach utilising soft tissue work, rehabilitation exercises  as well as some of the more traditional Chiropractic techniques.

If you are seeking an english speaking Chiropractor in Tokyo we hope you can may give our service a try 🙂

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