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Spinal Adjustments

Traditional Chiropractic

Tokyo International Chiropractic is well versed in traditional Diversified and Gonstead style spinal manipulative techniques and we eager to understand what style has been found the most effective for you.

Modern developments

Peripheral adjustments

Modern developments have yielded some great newer techniques, particularly in the management of peripheral joints such as knees and elbows.

Sports Massage and Injury Management


Unfortunately an area that has been neglected by the traditional chiropractic approach but in our view a vital part of good injury recovery management.

Building strength and stability


The right rehabilitation exercises are vital in maintaining a healthy injury free body which can lead to much more time enjoying life and being pain free.

How we do it?


What we do


Most of the information we need to get the job down right lies in taking a complete history and thorough examination.

We give you


We match the best range of techniques with your goals to come with a tailored plan that is customised just for you.

Measuring outcomes

We track and deliver outcomes.

We deliver results or if not responding Tokyo International Chiropractic can consider the most appropriate referral for further management.

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What is the modern Chiropractic approach and why does it matter ?

Oh Boy ! Here we go

I guess it’s time to get a bit political here. Chiropractors are an “interesting”¬† bunch of people to say the least.

There seems to be as more difference within the Chiropractic profession in approaches as there is between other professions working in the management of musculoskeletal injuries.

Traditional Chiropractors tend to base their approach on the 1995 model of DD Palmer’s version of Chiropractic which included the idea of treating the ” vetebral subluxations ” which was thought to be a compression on a spinal nerve affecting all systems of the body and being the cuase of many problems unrelated to back pain.

More modern approaches such Tokyo international Chiropractic would dispute this defination of Chiropractic for a few ( good) reasons. Pretty compelling research now exisits that casts down on the viability of the model above and studies also support the benefit of mutli modal approach that takes into account other modalities like dry needling, soft tissue work and ” active care ” where the patients takes a more active role in their care. The purists in the Chiropracic profession would refer to us ” dirty mixers “.

For years I held a hard line approach as mixer but 20 years of practise has softened my degree of certainty about what exactly ” Chiropractic ” is and should be instead of hardening it.

At the end of the day taking into account a patients wishes and needs, the best available research evidence and ones clinical experience is going to yield the best results time and time again.



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