English Speaking Chiropractor catering to SOFA personal now in Tokyo


English speaking Chiropractor for

SOFA personal based in

 Yokota air base and Yokosuka Navel base


After working with SOFA members based  Okinawa for the last 2 years Brent Verco has now expanded to Tokyo and there has already been a pleasing level of interest from Yokota and Yokisuka.

Whilst we do appreciate Ebisu city is not exactly ” next door ” we do hope that perhaps if some SOFA members wish to let their hair down in Tokyo’s nightlife or combine it with some of the great activities and shopping there there may be some interest from US personal in visiting our Tokyo clinic.

Both our current Shimbashi clinic and our new permanent clinic in Ebisu are really close on the ” Tokyo line ” so it’s really easy to grab a train up.

Having worked with SOFA crew down near Kadena and Camp foster for the last 2 years we have learnt about about the unique stresses and challenges of a military career and we hope you may have give us a try whilst you complete your tour in Japan.

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